Contribute to the process

The National Action Plan (NAP) is being developed in collaboration with citizens and stakeholders across Australia. We are engaging community groups, private sector, government agencies and everyday citizens who have expressed an interest in Open Government or the Grand Challenges to get involved.

Through engagement we will:

  • Develop the NAP for Open Government in partnership with stakeholders
  • Identify and engage all stakeholders interested in Open Government throughout the process
  • Capture all ideas and input provided by stakeholders and report publically
  • Work with Australian Government agencies to turn 5-15 ideas into detailed actions for the NAP.

We are engaging across key stages to ensure we meet the OGP requirements including the June 2016 deadline.

In December, we held information sessions about the project across Australia and we are now inviting anyone who has expressed an interest in Open Government to suggest tangible actions to include in the Plan.

Over the next few months, we will workshop these actions with agencies across the Australian Government to turn 5-15 ideas into programs of work that can be implemented, measured and reported to the OGP and the Australian Public.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has established a dedicated team to manage the engagement process and to draft the NAP. The team includes engagement specialists across Government and the private sector including engage2, who will work with PM&C to engage stakeholders external to the Australian Government. This team is responsible for collecting submissions, responding to questions and providing updates about the development of the NAP.

 Our engagement strategy

This strategy has been developed to increase awareness about the Open Government Partnership (OGP) among civil society stakeholders and encourage their participation in the development of the National Action Plan.

This draft strategy is designed to be a discussion starter and will be responsive to the feedback we receive during the engagement process. We are publishing it now to be transparent about our approach, although we acknowledge this is without having yet spoken to many of you.

We will work with you, particularly those referred to as ‘primary stakeholders’ in the strategy document, to understand how you would like to be engaged and we will do our best to accommodate processes that work for your networks within our timeframe and budget.

Our engagement approach is to be as open, transparent, accessible, responsible and efficient as possible in a way that also builds the capability of anyone who would like to inform and engage their networks to also participate.

You can look at our Draft Strategy (OGPAu_Draft_Engagement_Strategy_March).  As we progress through the stages, we will update the strategy.



OGPAu_Timeline To meet the International OGP timelines our Action Plan needs to go through Cabinet in June.

Since December’s information sessions we have been consolidating the input and some early ideas for commitments into the publicly available wiki.  The second stage of engagement is to raise awareness about the project and encouraging suggestions for actions to include and comments on the draft document. We are also connecting stakeholders with similar interests across the country so they can work together on ways their suggestions can be implemented.

This shows ways you might contribute during each stage of the process. This is also described on the Get Involved page


  • Stage 1 – Preparation, framework and history (November –December 2015)
  • Stage 2 – Raise awareness, gather suggestions (January – March 2016)
  • Stage 3 – Prioritisation and drafting workshop (April – May 2016)
  • Stage 4 – Consideration by the Australian Government (May 2016 – June 2016)
  • Stage 5 – Launch of the National Action Plan (July 2016)